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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  October 15, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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with two out, base hit into left center. two runs are going to score. holiday kicks it and now three runs will score. a base him from scutero clears the bases allowing the giants to cruise to victory. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. boy finally a victory at home. the giants defeated the cardinals 7-1. the nlcs is now even at one game a piece. now it's off to st. louis for the next three games.
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we have team coverage tonight. ken pritchett in the city with some very exciting fans but we will start with mark ibanez. >> reporter: thanks a lot frank it's very quiet right now. but early this evening the giant was jumping. and finally after three consecutive season losses, giant fans were hungry for some action and soon after, they would be hungry to be angry as matt holiday goes in hard at second base on marco scutero on the very first-inning trying to break up a double play and the giants were not able to turn it. you judge for yourself. dirty play by matt holiday or just good clean hard baseball. there were differing opinions about that. you will hear from buster posey in a minute. but marco scutero stayed in the game for a while and delivers the big hit in the. the bases were loaded and then matt holiday himself right in
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the middle of the controversy boots the ball himself in the middle of the out field. here's buster posey talks about the play. >> i think it was late. i don't think there was any question that it was late. i don't think the intention was to hurt him but it was definitely late. >> reporter: 7 innings complete, four hits only and one earned run. the giants even up the series and much more later in sports with fred inglis in the meantime i'm mark ibanez at at&t park. back to you frank and julie. >> from mark we turn to ken pritchett who was talking to fans thrilled with tonight's win. >> reporter: very excited fans. most of them have gone home
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now. but those fans were excited because to them they say the slump is over and the giants win at home. and you can guess those fans their reaction. >> the park was just so electrifying. i was here last night and it was so disappointing. but tonight we knew what we were going to come up with a big victory. >> it was so exciting the momentum they got going. it was huge for the game especially to win the second game. coming into the next couple of days days when they'll be away. it'll be great to keep the momentum going. >> that's a great game. the torture is over. no more torture. >> amazing, the bats were hot, it was great. >> reporter: there was certain pandemonium out here after the game. the question now is will the giants take care of business on the road and will these fans have an opportunity to celebrate one more time in this series at ktvu park.
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the series picks up on wednesday with game three in st. louis. it is a day game. our coverage begins at 12:30 in the afternoon right here on ktvu with first pitch scheduled for 1:07. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage at 10:30, we will return to at&t park as fans there celebrate tonight's big victory. and in sports more postgame reaction as the giants look on now to game three. developing news now involving many of those fans leaving the ballpark tonight they quickly found themselves stuck in a massive traffic jam southbound on highway 101. these are pictures in news chopper 2 from the 101 near the cesar chavez exit. one car swroáefr turned there. the collision involved as many as six other vehicles. the crash happened about 8:30 and closed all lanes for about 30 minutes. two lanes are now open. here's another vantage point this picture shows traffic at a standstill as you look south
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along 101 through the hospital curb area. it was so backed up the san francisco fire department had to ask for help getting rescue teams to the scene. it is still very slow going. only on 2 an update on a party bus accident that claimed the life of a santa cruz woman. an attorney for the parents of natasha nolan filed a suit today against the company. nolan was killed july 27th at los gatos. the 21-year-old woman was run over after the bus door somehow opened during a fight. a pleasanton man is suing the two bay area law enforcement
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agencies that were involved. heather holmes has the story. >> reporter: the deputies are said to appear in court to answer charges that he abused his authority. this is the mega million dollar lawsuit outlining those allegations. the department has been down a deputy for more than three months after criminal charges were filed against ryan silcox. the 12 year veteran is accused of using his badge to help a woman locked in a nasty custody dispute. >> i do think they were conspiring. >> reporter: jeff huggins is respecting the father behind the custody battle. huggins charges that the deputy looked up information on the father and forwarded it to the
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mother's attorney regina. >> i don't know what would urge the deputy to look up personal information and disclose it. stupidity i guess. >> all of the law enforcement has access to this information. we all know you can't use that information for your own personal use. >> and if you do? >> you could be fired. >> reporter: the internal and criminal investigations continue, the lawsuit also names the pleasanton police department. claiming that canine officer tim martins also forwarded confidential information about an arrest to be used in the custody case. >> reporter: frank and julie, i was not able to speak to the pleasanton police department but was told they had no comment. san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is back on his job tonight. he had his first full day at the job today after his suspension. the sheriff was reinstated
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after pleaing guilty to one count of false imprisonment stemming from his domestic battery case. mirkarimi says he wants to move forward but is not surprised by talk of a recall. >> the idea of a recall continues to spotlight what many others have been saying just how political this has always been. mirkarimi says he has not yet met with mayor ed lee who has suspended him. the mayor has denied comment on a suspension for a recall. investigators have announced there's enough evidence for a mistrial against max wade. wade fired shots at two teenagers causing minor injuries. wade remains in custody. a trial date has not been set. oakland police say a murder suspect eluded officers this afternoon following a tense
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stand off. police were called to a home on 21st street near market around 11:30 this morning after receiving a tip that godfrey jamal jackson was in the house. police surrounded the home and evacuated several homes around as a precaution. they stormed the house but only found a dog inside. police say the 27-year-old jackson is considered armed and dangerous. he is wanted in the death of reshau. stocks rallied on news that consumers opened their wallets last month. nasdaq climbed 20 points. retail sales in september were up 1.1%. tonight at 10:45, optimism that halloween shoppers will
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help fuel october. the state of the art multipurpose facility will have 17,500 seats. piers 30 and 32 will also need to be reconstructed to make way for the arena. if that arena is built it'll be set back on the eastern most edge of the property. but doing that won't be easy. >> the pier itself needs to be stabilized and that's an important part of the project and at this point in time, the owners of the warriors are spending up to about $100 million just to stabilize the pier. the warriors ownership says it is footing 100% of the bill. tomorrow evening they'll be community meeting to present their plan to the community. $500 at the barber shop and thousands spent on strippers. >> why do you think that is that the board did not know of any of these expenses. >> in
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$4,500 spent at a houston strip club that is just one of several questionable expenses for a port official. a ktvu investigation first uncovered this spending. and tphoup -- now there's
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questions on who was benefiting. eric rasmussen is live. >> reporter: the meeting adjourned a little more than two hours ago the port would only say it's hiring an attorney to look into these unusual expenses. we've been going through them for the past few weeks and we discovered this bill for that strip club in houston is just the tip of the iceburg. for at least one night, treasure strip club in houston is where the port of oakland's maritime director james quan claims he was doing business. ktvu uncovered a $4,300 receipt from the gentleman's club along with $300 in tips. it is what quan wrote on that receipt that's raising new questions. in town for a conference he claims it was a dinner reception for 12 people. part of a delegation of executives from hyundai and burlington northern santa fe railroad.
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when we asked about it bnsf said it had no record of any executives being in houston at the time. >>here with ktvu, can you talk to us about the expenses. >> reporter: our investigation found quan made frequent trips to a barber shop. he was reimbursed almost $500. quan spent thousands during several visits in china. at home and abroad, quan repeatedly billed for golf outings. he was even able to get reimbursed for golf shoes like
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this. at bevmo, quan charged up $958 for dessert wine. >> the expenses that you uncovered seem unethical and questionable. >> reporter: she was troubled to learn this isn't the first time ktvu has investigated questionable spending at the port of oakland. in 2008 former port commission president darlene johnson spent hundreds of thousands of the dollars for first class flights and tickets to the lion king. >> the problem these questions are occurring there's a cultural gap. there's an oversite gap there's rally a lack of internal structure within this organization. >> why do you think that is that the port did not know of any of these expenses? >> we have been taking action to strengthen our policy because we knew there were issues we had to address. >> reporter: outside of the gates we found the head of the port administration. >> that's all we can say about
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this time. >> how about $500 at a barber shop in taipai. did you know about it? >> i'm not aware of that expense. >> $300 for golf shoes. >> that's all i can say at this point. >> reporter: there could be more expenses that the port isn't sharing. when we asked for a detailed report they refused to give it to us. we reached out to oakland major jean quan for this story. tonight her office says it's waiting to see what comes out of these closed door meeting before it comments. so called energy meetings of the port commission held behind closed doors may be a violation of state law and subject to an investigation by the district attorney. the closed commission called its first closed door under a false premise of pending
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litigation: instead they hired a public relations expert and brought him into that closed meeting. >> the moment you have someone who is not a lawyer and not part of the lawyer team gives you some concern that perhaps they are using this as a cover to prevent the public from knowing what's going on. >> reporter: oakland port commissioners once again refused to comment. secretary of state hillary clinton says she is responsible for the security at libya where four americans were killed last month. during a visit to peru, clinton was making comment on the security of libya. tomorrow afternoon a public memorial for slain u.s. ambassador chris stevens is said to take place at san francisco's city hall. stevens was one of those four americans killed during the september 11th attack on that consulate in libya. the bay area native was 52
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years old. the memorial is scheduled to begin at 4:15 and will be followed by a two hour reception. we are learning more tonight about a south bay woman suspected in a series of neighborhood arsons. 56-year-old sundelias was arrested on saturday. that's when witnesses say they saw her setting a fire to a garbage can. it turns out the suspect lives in the complex and neighbors tell us they are shocked. >> we kind of suspected it was a neighbor. >> not her. >> never her. >> why not? >> she was always very concerned. >> reporter: neighbors also tell us the woman and a partner are known for putting on fourth of july fireworks shows in gilroy. sundelius was released on bail this morning. dozens who lost their home are now suing their former
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landlord. they claim that they knew about conditions before the fire last november. that apartment complex was located at the corner of haste and telegraph. fire investigators concluded the fire started at the elevator control room. the company behind the elevator system was also sued. check out the west they are getting shalacked by rain. highs tomorrow they increase. numbers are going to get into the mid- and upper 80s tomorrow. we're headed to the 90s. when i come back here we'll get specific on the numbers for the weekend and we'll get specific on a city near you. and san francisco is basking in orange.
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more live coverage as this push for the pennant
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now to the race for the white house in a few poll that shows a shift of support for mitt romney. the gallup-usa poll shows romney is leading 50 to 46% in 12 swing states. women voters were key to president obama's victory four years ago. that bounce started coming after the presidential debate. round two comes tomorrow. and ken wayne is here now and tells us the format this time is going to be a lot different.
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>>frank what makes this debate different is it's a town hall style debate with questions coming from voters. >> not a lot of undecided voters remaining but i think right now it's about energizing the base and energizing your likely voters. >> reporter: political insiders say president obama has some making up to do after the last debate. >> the last performance was really troubling. the reason i think these polls have gotten so close. his performance was a shock to me. >> i think he's going to be aggressive of making the case on his view on where we should go as a country. >> reporter: the president appeared relax during a stop at a virginia campaign. mitt romney was seen at an ohio hotel putting in more prep. >> will mitt romney show up.
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he said he governed or the man that showed up. >> this is a different format. it doesn't lend itself to that. >> reporter: some voters are already turned off. >> the differences are all rhetorical and the similarities are there in policy in terms of the bail out, the wars. >> reporter: there may not be as much spontaneity in this town hall because all the questions are agreed to before the debate. but there's been word that there will be follow up questions by moderators. however the campaigns say that
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wasn't part of the agreement. >> mitt romney's campaign said it raised $170 million. president obama's campaign raised $181 million. most of that money is being used for advertising in battleground states. we now know of one likely vote for the incumbent. first lady michelle obama posted a picture of her absentee ballot. mrs.obama said she could not wait for election day and dropped her ballot in the mail today. the president made his own pitch, he said if your state has early voting, join me. the president said he also plans to vote absentee next month when he's in his hometown of chicago. if you want to sell your house or buy a new one, hear what a study shows about bay area home prices and where they are rising the most. >> it was an
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giants fans are still celebrating that victory at home tonight. ktvu's laurane -- lorainne blanco outside of at&t park. >> reporter: even standing across the stadium, i could hear the shouts. when they filed out they were shouting with flee. -- glee. we have to say our ears are still ringing but that's okay.
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october is a time for treats. and it was certainly sweet for fans to finally get a postseason win here at at&t park. the orange and black dominated on the field and that energized mccovey cove. an energizing fan unless of course you're a cardinal fan. >> reporter: it was a great game. we started hitting and we started doing everything we needed to do in the 4th inning and we iced it in the fifth and just did it again. so we decided, i didn't want him to get tortured anymore. >> just one game. they can have one game here at home. >> i'm a candle stick baby. i used to cut school with my mom to go to candle stick. so just moving here and watching the giants do their thing we're excited. the whole family, all of us we're just thrilled. >> reporter: and right after the last cardinals out in the ninth the cove erupted. fans partying on their boat. the fans out here hope to win the next few games in st. louis. but if not they'll be back here in full force for the last two
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games of this seven game series. live at at that time park, lorraine blanco. >> viewers have been sharing photos of the giant's youngest and more excited fans. check out this little one. you can send us your play off pictures by e-mailing photos to you can also postthem on ktvu's facebook page or tweet us. on the first day back from a two week maternity leave, yahoo ceo marisa myer named yahoo's new coo. henrique de castro. he will receive $58 million. there are several media
12:01 am
reports tonight siting unnamed sources that pay pal is planning lay offs. bloomburg is reporting 400 jobs could be cut. plans are under way to strengthen and simplify how the company creates and delivers its products. and pay pal says it has not yet discussed with employees how those changes could impact jobs. there's new information about two people shot to death last night in an unincorporated area between antioch and pittsburg. the sheriff's office identified the victims at christopher zinn of san francisco and 21-year- old brieanna dow also of san francisco. the shootings happened about a quarter mile west of summersville road. authorities said they found the victims on the road. early this morning a 21- year-old man became oakland's 100th homicide of the year.
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police say it happened on hillton street near 57th avenue just before 1:00 a.m. they say the victim was shot several times and died at highland hospital about a half hour later. authorities say he was walking by himself when he was shot. the number of homicides in oakland seems to be heading higher for a second year in a row. at this time last year there were 95 killings and 110 for the entire year. before that in 2010 the killings hit a relative low point with 95. there were 110 in 2009 and 125 in 2008. the year with the most homicides in the last decade was 2006. with 148 killings. home prices in the bay area have surged now to their highest levels in more than four years. new numbers from real estate numbers from data quick show
12:03 am
numbers went up. the most drastic change was in contra costa county which saw a 27% increase in median home prices. new at 10:00, jana katsuyama live in walnut creek to explain the reasons for the spike and also what this means for people looking to either buy or sell a home. jana-- >> reporter: frank this for sale sign went up just a few hours ago. the owners plan to put their house on the market tomorrow. if the study is any indication they could well get above their asking price. it's show time for the lavete family house. they're packing up and preparing to put their walnut creek property on their market. they bought their house back in 1999 and have seen the value rise and plunge with the market. >> we were discouraged for so long. about even being able to get what we paid for the house. >> reporter: now they hope the market is on their side. >> i feel better that it has gone up recently. i feel that we'll be able to get a better price.
12:04 am
>> reporter: the study released today by data quick shows 6,850 homes sold in the bay area. the median price rose to $175,000 up 17.5% over last year. >> now it's back to supply and demand. >> reporter: julie del santo says one reason is the housing supply is more limited compared to after the housing melt down when foreclosures and t short sales flooded the market. >> you have sellers who are able to sell for a good price and you have buyers who are able to buy with good interest rates at much better home prices than it was five or six years ago. >> reporter: at uc's has business school, cynthia cole says it's the high economy and high demand that's pushing prices up. >> i do think there are strong signs that this is a recovery rather than just bouncing along the bottom. >> reporter: dr.kroll also says
12:05 am
that higher lending is keeping the prices from rising out of control. different from the last housing boom. reporting live in walnut creek tonight. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. two additional drugs now being linked to the meningitis outbreak are being scrutinized by the fda. they are blamed on steroid shots for back pain produced by a company in massachusetts. now the fda says three more patients have contracted the meningitis after getting two other types of steroids made by the same company. the u.s. postal service has a new plan to try and raise revenue. the proposal to offer same day
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barney's luxury department store is under fire over a new holiday shopping campaign. the campaign features highly stylized skinny disney characters wearing designer dresses. an online petition against the new ads has gathered 128,000 signatures. >> our girls tell us the pressures of being thin, of being beautiful is just another pressure that weighs on them heavily. >> reporter: in a joint statement today disney and barney's said the project was designed to be a playful spwre
12:09 am
-- interpretation where mini and her friends pretend to be a part of it. chick-fil-a are looking to open a new location at el camino real. also tomorrow night the oakland city council is scheduled to hear from opponents of a safeway expansion project. right now the store is a single store. oakland's planning commission approved a plan to replace the store with a two story building which includes several store fronts and under ground parking. opponents say the expansion will increase traffic in the area and hurt local businesses. in news of the world tonight, at the guantanamo
12:10 am
naval base appeared before a tribunal. the government is asking the tribunal keep the man from revealing what happened to them in cia prisons. attorneys for the men say they were tortured. in england an air ambulance plane brought the injured teenager to england where she can receive traoáeplt. she was -- receive treatment. she was shot in the head by the taliban for her movement. the government is finalizing next year's budget that deals with its deficit and the finance minister said it will include an enormous tax increase. in fact, by some estimates that increase will amount to one month's salary for many taxpayers. a new study shows young girls received the vaccine for
12:11 am
the hpv virus do not become sexually promiscuous. researchers found no increase in sexual activities following the shot. starting in mid-november the postoffice intends to launch a same day delivery service called metro post. the service is designed for e- commerce companies to provide same day delivery within a defined metropolitan area. no word on where that area maybe. the postoffice anticipating makes $50,000 per year if that test is successful and it is launched across the country. the big settlement that could be coming to e-book users. >> the monsters have come out for halloween. why retailers are expecting to
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new at 10:00, new numbers out show the beginning of a strong holiday season. people aren't spooked of spending a little extra. >> reporter: more than a thousand people went through these doors and paid $15 each this past weekend. while the economy has weakened -- [ indescernible ] >> reporter: the screams are fake but the dollars are real here at spirit halloween in san jose. workers say last year people weren't filling their bags up
12:15 am
with accessories like well bags of eyeballs and just sticking with the basics. >> people are spending this year definitely. halloween parties, halloween celebrations at school everywhere. >> reporter: a new report out today shows consumers spending surged in september pushed up by sales in clothing and electronic stores. offering a promising outlook for businesses headed into the holiday season. the national retail federation says eight in 17 people are planning to celebrate halloween this year. >> i think that the economy for me personally is starting to get better and spending money is a lot easier now than it was last year. >> you think your friends are going to like it? >> i don't know if they will even recognize me. >> for the plant family the economy is still a concern every time they bring out the wallet. >> i think spending money comes with having a baby but as far as our comfort level goes and
12:16 am
knowing what our economy is doing and where it's still headed i absolutely do not feel comfortable spending my money. >> reporter: spirit halloween say it is most popular costumes are power rangers for girls, monster high for girls and skin suits for adults. but unfortunately for this guy clowns did hot make the list. reporting live, matt keller, ktvu -- did not make the list. and electronic and appliances road 4.5% in part because of all those iphone sales. there was a 2.3% rise on spending at gas stations because of the price of gas going so high. the proposed price fixing settlement involves amazon, apple and several major book publishers.
12:17 am
as part of the proposed settlement, $69 million is being set aside for affected e book customers a hearing is scheduled for next february. a japanese phone company and sprint nextell announced a big deal. the japanese company called soft bank says it is buying a controlling stake in sprint nextel corporation for $20 billion. this could help sprint compete against its larger rivals at&t and verizon. a reminder about getting ktvu news to go. download the ktvu app click on the live icon and you can watch all of our newscasts live right there on your mobile device. the nhl and the locked out players union say they will resume negotiations tomorrow in toronto. the talks will come after a four daybreak following two days of meetings next week. players missed their first paycheck of the season. the lock out is now in its sixth week. the nhl had called off 82 games in the first season and more
12:18 am
cancellations could happen if a deal isn't reached. and the fog has returned to the coast this evening it broke off for a bit today. there was sunshine out there but there's still fog. some clouds in the north bay. take a peak. high clouds here in santa rosa. the reason i'm pointing out the fog is because it's very dense. visibility is very low. these areas redwood city over toward hayward as well. we had plenty of fog this morning. we'll see a little more tomorrow. not as much as this morning but it'll be dense when you do see it. just be prepared for the low visibility on the highway. tomorrow will be a warmer day than we saw today. we had lots of mid-70s, even low 80s. tomorrow temperatures are mid- 70s to mid-80s and from there we go higher to mid-90s and of course fire danger will increase. monday's temperatures came up. tuesday's come up further and
12:19 am
wednesdays come up into the low and mid-90s. wednesday a very warm day with fire danger definitely increasing in this period. especially by tomorrow afternoon and into wednesday afternoon everyone into thursday. right now the winds are expected to remain below red flag criteria level. we should be fine there. we had a little bit of rain last year. things should dry out really quick. hopefully they're headed our way soon but not this week and not this weekend. it's going to be nice and warm. tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m., a little bit of fog, right. dense fog right along the coast. you see the wind going that way that's the offshore wind it just blew everything this way. normally they progress this way. winds are coming offshore. the model picks it up. tomorrow that's why the heat is up. wednesday further offshore flow and further heating. the forecast highs tomorrow, 84 in san helena. 86 in fairfield nice looking day. no red flag warnings, no spare the air days above average
12:20 am
temperatures for october. the forecast high 85, 87 in morgan hill. even santa cruz gets to 80 degrees. there'll be fog along the lighthouse in the morning hours. 76 in san bruno and 76 in san mateo. got a big ball game going on wednesday. 67degrees in st. louis with a chance of thunderstorms. we'll watch that for you, that's a big deal. a game delay or change the outcome of that game. thunderstorms in the area for them. five day forecast with your bay area weekend in view it's a nice looking week ahead with well above average temperatures. >> that is a good looking week. thank you bill. for the second time in a week stanford is honoring one of its professors as a noble prize winner. alvin price won the noble prize for his work on mathematical education. >> they are markets we just can't choose what you want but
12:21 am
you also have to be chosen. >> reporter: roth revolutionized the way kidney donors are matched to recipients. he shares the prize with ucla professor lloyd shapley. late word [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home
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developing news out of east oakland tonight where police are on the scene of a shooting that sent two people to the hospital. it happened on coolage avenue near brookdale right around 10:00. police say one man was shot in the chest. it's not clear where the other man was hit. witnesses say the two men were walking out of a liquor store and that the shooter was apparently waiting outside in a car and opened fire. right now police are canvassing the areas looking for leads and the suspect. and mark is joining us tonight. he has more on that big win for the giants. >> the giants do their home work. they know their history. no baseball teams ever want the best of seven series after losing the first two games at home. so thanks to some great pitching, a blown call and very dangerous bang bang play the
12:25 am
giants are right back into this nlcs. ryan vogelsan started for the giants. crawford over to marco scutero. matt holiday starts sliding in. cardinals do not score but marco suffered a left hip injury. cheat shot or did he just come in running. you decide. angel pegan gives the giant it is one of zero lead. marco scutero, slam it to me i'm going to bring in three more runs. scutero brings san francisco to the lead. he's the first giant to go at least six full innings in their seven postseason games. marco's replacement was ryan
12:26 am
terio. terio received a world series wing last year as a cardinal. the series is tied at one game a piece. there was a blown call in the 8th inning it also helped the giants tonight but holding st. louis to just one run is big and vogelsan deserves most of that credit. >> awesome. all his pitches were down sharp, keeping the hitters off balance. and early runs in the ball game that was very important for him to be confident in going out there and be tough and compete. >> he did a great job. he moved the ball around well. had all four pitches going and just did a nice job of keeping them off balance. >> peyton manning and the broncos were in san diego and it was not pretty in the first half. there goes jammer. manning pretends he wants to tackle jammer look at him. not really. that's an 80-yard touchdown. chargers led 21-0 at halftime.
12:27 am
but phillip rivers was intercepted four times. broncos scored 35 unanswered points. that's one of three td passes for manning. the largest come back victory by a road team in nfl history. 25-34 your final. that's sports as we see it for a monday night. and if you think about it giants are undefeated on the road this postseason. >> they are. >> right, i know. that was a good one to tie it up going back to st. louis. >> i think it's going to be really important to see how well marco scutero comes out of this injury to his left hit. mri is still inconclusive. we will know more tomorrow but it would be great to keep him in there because he's been clutch all fall. >> what did you think of that fly? do you think it was intentional? >> i don't think it was intentional. i think he tripped and fell and fell over himself. he did want to break up the play but i don't think he0 o
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